Thanks so much for your interest.

If you’ve been wondering where all my posts have gone … I decided to virtually close down this blog and incorporate it into my bigger and better Blog at www.joycesandilands.com

If you know someone who is into writing and self-publishing books please tell them about my new blog .

JoyceSandilands.com has been my website since I got onto the web way back in 1997 or so. By 1998 we had added our books, health business and genealogy and things got complicated. Later I split it into several blogs and now with WordPress personal websites I finally have the best option … ONE BLOG covering everything that is ME!

I hope you will decide to follow me as I have lots of new stuff on my hobbies (scrapbooking, health, photography) and I have plans for adding more info to my genealogy pages as well. You’ll find all that under HOBBIES. I also have lots of information on self-publishing books (as we did very successfully beginning in 1998), updated old stuff on marketing books and I’ll be adding more interesting posts on the same topics and more.

With several blogs combined into one I’ll be cutting down the time to look after them all so I should have more time to find new and interesting stuff all presented in a much more vibrant and interesting format … and I’ve only just begun!

Go take a look  … I’d love you to join me.

Best regards,

Joyce Sandilands


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